Joao Silva is a 17-year-old senior at Lingleville High School and is an exchange student from Portugal. Joao is staying at the home of Tammy and Gene Coan. This week's A-lister took a few minutes from his busy schedule to talk about life.

1- What is your favorite TV show?

I like White Collar a lot.

2- What did you think about the election?

I've learned quite a bit about the election in my government class. There were things I liked about Mitt Romney, but things I didn't like that he said. If I had to vote, I'd have voted for Obama because I really agree with his stance on the environment. He really seems to care about CO2 and Romney didn't.

3- What music are you listening to?

I like all kinds of music really. I listen to both Portuguese music, but am also listening to American music now. I like Swiss House Mafia.