This will be the second store for Schlotzsky's restaurateur Nelson Olivares who owns another in Brownwood. It is also the third time for the sandwich shop to enter Stephenville city limits. But it doesnít take long to surmise Olivaresís bid for success will soon make the original Schlotzsky's sandwich something of a staple in local fast food fare.

A franchise begun in Austin in 1971, the unique spin on the Italian muffuletta earned fierce loyalty from students who swarmed the shop, quickly making it a college favorite. Olivares is certain his close proximity to Tarleton will garner the same devotion from area university sandwich aficionados.

Question: You have made a franchise triad at this store with Schlotzskyís at the helm and some favored cinnamon rolls and ice cream riding shotgun. What drew you to the three brands?

Answer: ďIíve been doing Schlotzskyís for 15 years, and this is my second restaurant. Itís familiar to me. This store will have the Cinnabon cinnamon rolls, which are the best, and Carvel ice cream. Itíll be tri-branded.Ē

Question: This will be the third Schlotzsky's to open in Stephenville. What do you expect to be the key to making this store a success?

Answer: ďOur concept has grown in the last 10 years?since the last one closed. Our menu has evolved. We do offer the Original, which everybody loves, but we also offer a lot of nutritional sandwiches. Society has changed and people are not into the fried foods like they used to be. We donít fry. We attract the people who donít want the french fry or the hamburger.

ďOur bread is baked daily from scratch. Itís never brought in frozen and then put into an oven. We do pizzas and the ordered salads, fresh when you order them - itís a higher grade salad with the field greens and things of that nature.Ē

Question: Your location at the corner of Harbin Drive and Washington Street is the busiest intersection in town. What is your plan to make access to your Schlotzsky's less challenging?

Answer: ďIíve noticed a lot of the locals have embraced the side door entrance on Harbin that they are really comfortable with. And I also notice the Stephenville traffic is very friendly. They actually let people out and to cross the traffic. But Iím banking on that side back entrance on Harbin.

ďI think when the food is good enough, getting there doesnít tend to bother people. A loyal Schlotzsky's fan is not going to let the traffic slow him down.Ē