The Stephenville-based Accidental Band will celebrate the release of its third CD,The Bull Rider's Trilogy Saturday at the Greenwood Dancehall and Saloon. The CD is a three-song concept album that chronicles the life of a Texas bull rider, from his early love life with a young Mexican girl, to his fatal ride on the great Red Rock, to his waning years as a range hand branding steers. The band will play from 8-11:30 p.m. CDs will be available at a special concert price. The cover charge is $5.

The three songs on the Trilogy were written by lead singer Craig Clifford. 

“If you’re a songwriter living in Erath County with Ty Murray and all of the other great bull riders in the area, it’s almost mandatory that you write a few songs about bull riding,” Clifford said.

Other members of the band include Jim Easterling on drums and Nancy Easterling on bass.  Guest artist Joan Huggins sings harmony on “Ridin’ Bulls.”

The Accidental Band is also working on another full-length CD, We Ain't No Lap-Dancin' Band, scheduled for release by the end of the year.