Stephenville resident Ben Hudgens is mad.

While gas prices have dropped significantly in other parts of North Texas in recent weeks, gas prices in Stephenville have not changed as dramatically.

Hudgens said gas prices in Benbrook Tuesday hovered around $3.04 per gallon, while prices in Stephenville remain between $3.27 - $3.34.

Hudgens has taken his concerns to area gas dealers, but his questions have largely been shrugged off.

"Basically they all said they didn't have any control of setting the prices," he said. "I told them I would not be back until they get their prices right."

Hudgens isn't alone in his frustration. Others living in Erath County are scratching their heads about the lack of falling prices and voicing their concerns.

A question about area gas prices on the E-T's Facebook page generated more than 100 responses. 

Randi Basham reported that gas was $3.04 in Weatherford, Bill Joe Averitt reported $3.09 in Marble Falls, Nicole Rodgers reported $3.12 in Brownwood and several people reported some areas were below $3.

"I paid $2.98 in New Braunfels last weekend. I try to buy gas in Granbury if I'm going up that way instead of filling up here. I go to the HEB and use a gift card to get .12 off each gallon and their HEB has lower prices than ours so I save a fair bit if I'm already going up there," Marcy Tanter posted.

Jared Crow said he paid $2.99 in Lake Worth while Jennifer Haney paid $2.99 in Abilene.

Calls to four area convenience stores seeking comment for this story were not returned.

And with a chilly response to those unanswered questions, some motorists are vowing to fill up elsewhere when they have the chance.

"It gives me an incentive to do my shopping elsewhere," Jeff Justice wrote.