A Stephenville man made national news for correctly guessing the results of the 2012 election. Chris Chew, a Stephenville High School and Tarleton State University graduate, out-predicted This Week with George Stephanopoulos' round table panelists by getting every state, the number of electoral college votes and even the time at which Obama was named president correct.

"I follow the election and politics in general pretty closely," Chew said. "I didn't submit my predictions to the show, but I did put them out there on a couple of different social media sites and I guess they picked them up that way. If I entered them in a contest of some kind, I don't remember it."

On Sunday, Stephanopoulos announced on his show on ABC that Chew and two others beat his round table in their predictions.

Chew said the only one of his picks he was not confident in was Virginia.

Chew works at the Fitness Center and has been interested in politics since he was a student at SHS, gaining a greater interest while attending Tarleton.

"I'd have to give a lot of credit to my teachers who encouraged me," Chew said Monday. "I also follow several experts in the field including Nate Silver. I had been reading up on different aspects as well as a number of creditable news outlets and some other sources."

While he did not win any kind of prize for correctly predicting the election results, Chew said getting his name and Stephenville in the media was a fun experience.

He said he will continue to follow politics and future elections, not for the recognition - but because it's one of his passions.