City leaders will meet Tuesday evening to welcome newly elected colleague, Brady Pendleton, who is slated to fill the vacant Place 5 left behind by former councilman, Alan Nash, after his appointment to the position of District Attorney.

Pendleton will be sworn into office at the called meeting to be held in City Hall Council Chambers at 5:30 p.m.

“I'm ready to go to work?I'm looking forward to working with the current council for the citizens of Stephenville,” Pendleton said Monday. “I honestly can't get in quickly enough.”

And he is enthusiastic about the express nature of city government.

“City government is the only form of government that has a direct effect on the lives of people,” he explained.

First on the agenda for Pendleton and fellow council members after he takes the oath of office will be considerations regarding appointments to finance, public works, personnel and nomination committees.

After the meeting's adjournment, council members will convene in break out sessions to discuss items related to public health and safety and appointments to boards and commissions.