Stephenville resident Brad Thompson, 89, spent most of World War II stationed in England with the United States Army Air Corps (now the United States Air Force). He did not fly the bombers, but had a very important job.

"I serviced all the bombers that were coming and going over Germany and other Nazi-occupied countries," Thompson recalled. "We worked on so many different planes, not always American planes either. Mostly American planes, but if another one of the Allies' planes needed work and we could help, we did."

He and his unit worked on a number of different planes including the B-17 and the famous P-51. Other American bombers Thompson had experience working on were the P-38 and B-24 while stationed in Europe.

"We would work on the planes and get them ready to go before every run," he said. "We saw them off and would be ready to go back to work on them as soon as they landed if need be."

Thompson recalled a number of places he and his unit visited while they were stationed in Europe including France and England.

"We did get to visit some of the other countries while we were over there," he said. "I saw Paris, and other places, but so many of them were destroyed from the war still. It was nothing like it is now, of course."

When the war was over, Thompson came back to Stephenville where he still lives today. He said when he got back to the states he was ready to settle down and start a business. Thompson is now "semi-retired."

This is the final story in a week-long series honoring local veterans. The Empire-Tribune salutes the men and women in uniform who serve our country.