When Erath County residents come out to support a good cause, they do it in style. On Thursday night, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Erath County raised well over $40,000 with the Dancing for the Stars event.

After more than two months of long practices that tested the patience and fitness of every contestant, the six teams took the stage to compete for the coveted Mirror Ball Trophy. Each team competed with a different song and choreographed moves for the panel of six judges.

The judges gave the teams scores from 1-10 based on difficulty, performance and steps. These scores were totaled and added to points earned from fundraising efforts by the teams. In addition, attendees were allowed to vote by donating in the name of the team, or teams, they wished to support.

While Team Doty raised the most "votes" with more than $8,000, it was Team Bedwell with a 60.5 score who took home first place honors. Team Bedwell raised more than $7,900 which was added to their more than perfect score.

"It was hard work getting ready for this," said Monty Bedwell. "But being out here and dancing in front of everyone was so much fun and made all that work and pain and long nights worth it."

The teams - Team Bedwell (Kendra and Monty), Team Delgado (Dan and Cris), Team Doty (Bob and Darla), Team Fanning (Robin and Todd), Team Taylor (Zach and Martha) and Team Weldon (Kenny and Carrie) - worked once a week with choreographer Sherrie Evans and then also practiced on their own time to perfect their moves and steps. A few teams admitted there were some injuries; nothing major but enough to warrant trips to the chiropractor.

At the end of the night, everyone said raising money for such a good cause was worth all the work and time put into the event. Organizers and the BBBS board members spoke briefly to thank all those who worked tirelessly to bring the event together. The event was limited to 300 tickets for dinner and the show, which included music from Larry Joe Taylor, Cody Gill and more, and was sold out a few weeks before the event.

"We just want to thank everyone who came out and gave and worked to help make this such a successful event," said BBBS president Treva Wygle. "Without each and every one of you, this program wouldn't be here and wouldn't be helping the children of Erath County."