One doesn’t have to delve too deeply to see the health food and supplement industry is exploding. Many Baby Boomers are losing heart when dealing with traditional medicine and pharmaceuticals and are in search of alternatives to try; testing the waters before diving into conventional avenues of treatment. They are opting for natural reinforcements that are always cited with the standard “This product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.”

Despite the common disclaimer, health food and supplement stores are burgeoning with business. According to, Americans are spending $23 billion a year on dietary supplements in a quest for not only better health, but for the fountain of youth. Linda Rogers, manager of Health Focus located in Bosque River Center, is a veteran of 18 years on the alternative health supplement front, and has amassed a great store of knowledge in the world of well-being enhancement.

Question: What do you think is the draw customers are feeling toward alternative treatments, and what are your most popular products and strongest customer base?

Answer: “I would say vitamins and diet products. People are always watching their weight and trying to eat healthy, be healthy.

“We have repeat customers who come in a lot?generally middle aged women. They have the most disposable income and want to hold back the aging process.

“We love all of our customers and want to give them the best service. I deliver to them locally in town if they can’t get to the store. And I do mail orders.

“Everybody is trying to be healthy and work out, so we have all different ages. You just never know.

“It helps being down the sidewalk from a nearby workout facility. Customers come in looking for pre-workout. It gives them energy and makes them have a better training session.”

Question: You know a lot about supplements. How did you learn so much about them?

Answer: “I started working in a Weatherford health food store?worked for them for seven years. I just learned from customers and from the owners and from books. I read a lot.”

Question: What advice do you have for people who would like to buy more health supplements but limited income won’t allow them to. What would you consider to be the core items for them to purchase?

Answer: “I would suggest a multivitamin and something for the immune system. I would not do without those two things. And we give some sort of discount every day.”