When the Dublin City Council met this week, they heard from the Dublin Chamber of Commerce who was asking the council to waive the fees for park usage for the 2013 St. Patrick's Day celebration. The annual event is held every year in the park, and according to chamber president Mike Simpson, the fees are usually waived.

"I come before you on behalf of the chamber and event planners to ask the city to waive the fees for using the park for the celebration," Simpson said. "I also want to thank each of you for the work you have done in the past to help with the celebration. And we look forward to working together with the city this year to make this event a great one."

After unanimously voting to waive the fees for park usage, the council discussed the possibility of allowing alcohol consumption in the park for the event. According to Rhonda Williams, city secretary, other events in the park have been allowed to have alcohol, but those events contained the alcohol to the building in the park. If the building is being used to house the vendor booths, it will not be used for alcohol sales.

The issue of alcohol consumption in the park was tabled as Simpson said the chamber was not ready to make a presentation to the council. The motion must be addressed before Dec. 3 and the council will most likely hold a special called meeting to discuss the issue.

The council also discussed the possibility of purchasing land on which the Dublin Veterans' Memorial Wall sits near the Dublin Public Library. The property will be put to auction by the Erath County Sheriff's Department in the near future for tax purposes. The council was to vote on the appointment of a representative to attend the auction and purchase the property for the city.

However, after discussion, the council also voted to table the measure, to be considered before Dec. 3 as well. Mac McKinnon, president of the Dublin American Legion, presented the council with a brief history of the property and the memorial wall, which was built with funds from donations gathered by the American Legion.