The city council passed a resolution Tuesday, further advancing the revitalization project of Stephenville's downtown area in the event the city receives a special grant from the state. The passing of the resolution provides assurances the city will provide a portion of funds to combine with monies to be awarded through a grant offered by the Texas Department of Transportation which would be used to continue the Bosque River Trail Development project.

In a recent news release issued by the department, TxDOT reported in addition to its commitment to the development and expansion of statewide roadways, the agency is also offering money needed for community improvements across the Lone Star State.

“Up to $70 million is available to fund the improvement of areas in communities that are associated with transportation,” the release said. “Such projects include pedestrian and bicycle trails, the rehabilitation of historic railroad facilities, landscaping near roadways and even preventative care to protect water resources from highway runoff.”

Which makes the Bosque River Trail Development project a natural fit for the grant.

Projects selected to receive the grant are eligible for reimbursement of up to 80 percent of allowable costs. An entity nominating its project will be responsible for the balance of the cost of implementing the project, including cost overruns according to the TexDOT release.

“This is similar to the program through which we received funding for the initial phase of the trail project,” Director of Community Services Drew Wells said. “I think we are going to submit a very strong application. We have a proven record of implementing a project with this type of funding. And we hope to get support from the community that will strengthen our grant application.”

In a bid to attract support, a public forum will be held at 5:30 p.m. Thursday in the City Hall Conference Room. The city anticipates the meeting will elicit comments from the public concerning grant transportation enhancement through TxDOT.