Japanese-American Mike Masuda, 88, of Stephenville, said he and all three of his brothers served in World War II - just not on the same side.

In December 1941, Masuda, his parents and two of his three brothers were forced to move from the San Francisco area (where they immigrated to) to Arkansas. His oldest brother had already moved back to Japan to live with family there when the war began.

"I had an older brother who was living in Japan and he joined the Japanese military," Masuda said. "My older brother who lived here in the states had joined the United States Army and was sent overseas to fight. They both fought in many battles during the war. My younger brother and I also joined the army here in the states."

He said, to the men's knowledge, they never fought in the same battles. But when one army is fighting another, they might as well have. And where he and his younger brother were lucky to have returned home, his oldest brother was not.

"We were fighting against one another," he said. "Maybe not face-to-face, but it's still the same. We were lucky, we made it home, but the loss (of his brother) was still very hard for the whole family."

Masuda's oldest brother was lost at sea when the transport ship he was on sank after it was hit by a U.S. Navy submarine. His body was never recovered.

After getting out of the military, Masuda and his wife traveled around the country and the state, settling in Stephenville where they raised a family. Both his children graduated from Stephenville High School and Texas A&M University.

"We love living here," Masuda said. "I raised my kids here, I worked here, I retired here. This is my home."