The Dublin City Council will again discuss the possibility of allowing alcohol to be sold at next year's St. Patrick's Day Celebration. The council first discussed the issue after they were approached by the Dublin Chamber of Commerce before the 2012 celebration.

After much discussion and numerous committee meetings, the council ultimately voted against the measure. According to city secretary Rhonda Williams, one of the main concerns was the lack of containment.

"Since the whole county went wet in 2010, the council has allowed other events to serve alcohol in the park," she said. "But all of them did so in the building. That is not a possibility for the St. Patrick's Day Celebration."

The lack of containment is cause for concern from the police department as well. Officials said allowing people to walk freely around the park with alcohol is too much of a risk for a number of reasons.

In other business, the council will oversee the swearing in of Juanita Torres as associate judge for the Dublin Municipal Court and proclaim Municipal Court Week. Council members will discuss and nominate a candidate for the Erath County Appraisal District's Appraisal Review Board for the 2013-14 term.

The council will also discuss the possible purchase of the property where the Veterans Memorial Wall is located near the Dublin Public Library. Williams said the city was recently made aware it did not already own the property and is making arrangements to purchase it.

"The council will need to approve a representative and a price limit," she said. "This way the representative can make contact with the owner of the property and start working towards the purchase."

The council will meet at 7 p.m. Monday at Dublin City Hall.