The Posh Pony is located at Washington Place Shopping Center across the street from Tarleton’s baseball field. Owner Samantha Rodriguez opened the shop in April as a place for ladylike birthday parties and unique fashion ranging in sizes for children to plus size women.

Originally from California, Rodriguez spent the last 10 years in Houston before moving with her husband and daughter - and another on the way - a little more than a year ago.

Question: What drew you into the business of tea party birthdays?

Answer: “I owned a wedding venue in Houston. I'm used to doing weddings and parties and showers. I have always had a love for event planning and clothes. But I didn't want to only do event planning. So I decided to mix both passions into one.

“As the mother of two little girls, I had noticed there weren't many places around to do birthday parties. So that's where the tea parties came in.

“We do photography, custom invitations, custom bows. And we are doing mums. We do all kinds of unique things.

“We are going to do mini-Halloween parties this month. We'll have Halloween cupcakes and the kids can bedazzle pumpkins. And we'll have Thanksgiving themed events, and there'll be a lot of things for Christmas.”

Question: How would you describe the parties?

Answer: “Normally we have 10-15 little girls, but I don't just do events for little ones. I've had bridal and baby showers and graduation parties.

“For the little girls, they get to come in and choose a theme. We have rock star, princess, fairies and the old Victorian theme with the big hats and feathers and pearls and stuff.

“They get to dress up in whatever theme they choose. And we serve them like royalty. They eat on real china, use real china cups. We make all the treats ourselves. In one party package they get to do the costume and the food, which are cupcakes, tea sandwiches, petit fours, marshmallow pops and fresh fruit. And they get sweet tea and pink lemonade.

“We have a list of extra activities they can choose from, like face painting or nail painting. They can make their own lip gloss or their own spa bubbles. I have things for them to bedazzle like picture frames. So they get to pick their activity, and then we play some games like limbo or freeze dance—something to burn off the sugar.

“And then we take pictures of the whole party and give parents a picture disc. So from start to finish the parents don't have to do anything.”

Question: Posh Pony is a catchy name for a business. How did you come up with it?

Answer: “I wanted something with the word 'posh' in it because these parties are definitely posh. We use top of the line linens and china. And the ‘pony’ I thought was suitable for Stephenville with its cowboys and horses - it's a big part of Stephenville. I wanted to mix it all together. So we are bringing the 'posh' to the 'pony.'”