The accident that claimed the life of Pedro Aguilar Thursday afternoon was the second collision on the railroad track in mere months.

Colton Watson, 20, told the Empire-Tribune Friday he is "lucky to be alive," following a similar incident on May 1.

Watson, a pre-med student at Tarleton State University, was also traveling north in the 300 block of Lockhart Road when his Chevrolet truck was struck by an eastbound train. The accident report states Watson saw the train at the last minute and attempted to stop his truck, but it came to a rest on the train track.

Watson said he quickly attempted to reverse the truck off of the track but was unable to move fast enough. The train collided with the front left quarter panel of his truck and spun it out of the way.

"I am lucky to still be alive," Watson said. "My truck was totaled, but I only suffered a cut on my head."

He said the intersection is a trouble spot.

"I lived near the railroad crossing at the time and know there were several close calls at the same spot," Watson said.

While there is a railroad crossing sign, he said there are not sufficient warnings for approaching motorists. He also said witnesses reported hearing the May 1 collision but never heard the conductor sound the horn.

"He never blew the horn, I couldn't see beyond the trees and there isn't a railroad crossing bar or lights," Watson said. Sometimes they (train engineers) blow the horn and sometimes they don't. In most cases, you have no idea a train is coming."

The installation of crossing bars and flashing lights is at the responsibility of Fort Worth & Western Railroad.

"We have an unmarked crossing inside the city limits," Brad Allen, Aguilar's employer said. "It is a very dangerous spot and needs a signal."

While Watson is more aware surviving the accident was a blessing following Thursday's tragedy, he is still facing legal and civil penalties.

"The railroad has filed a lawsuit against me, and I was cited by Stephenville police for failing to yield to train," he said.

Attempts to reach Scott Cain, a Cleburne attorney who reportedly represents the railroad and responded to the scene of Thursday's fatality, were not successful Friday.