Two suspects wanted in connection with a drug trafficking bust last week turned themselves over to law enforcement officials Friday.

Piyush Mesuria and Jaymee Martin are charged with possession of 5-50 pounds of marijuana, a third-degree felony, according to Erath County Sheriff's Investigator Greg Stewart.

Mesuria, 29, and Martin, 24, turned themselves in to the Erath County Jail at around 3:30 p.m., Stewart said, adding their bond was expected to be set at $15,000 each.

Warrants for the couple's arrest were issued after a search warrant was executed at their residence in the 1200 block of Paddock Street on Thursday, Aug. 23.

During the search, law enforcement officials with the sheriff's office, Stephenville Police Department and U.S. Postal Service discovered more than six pounds of hydroponic marijuana, $1,000 in cash, weapons and evidence of marijuana distribution, Stewart said.

The estimated street value of hydroponic marijuana, also known as "dro," is $5,000-$6,000 per pound, he added.

No further arrests are expected in the case.