The Dublin ISD board of trustees lowered its tax rate slightly Thursday night by setting the tax rate at $1.26 per hundred valuation. The rate, just pennies less than last year, is the combination of a 1.04 maintenance and operation tax and .2223 interest and sinking tax rate. The budget totals $9,907,653.

"Probably the greatest difference in this year's budget is this is a really tight budget, much tighter than in year's past," said board president Daniel Thiebaud.

Several large investments are scheduled this year, which the board used fund balance and tightened funding to some areas in order to provide.

The district will purchase three student activity buses towards the end of September to provide safer travel to student-athletes traveling far west to Clyde, Jim Nedd, and Merkel this year.

"We've been needing these buses for the past few years and the board has been planning long-term to buy them," said Thiebaud. "Our students will be traveling a lot of miles this year and it's important we take care of all students on the road representing their school."

The board also voted to extend its technology initiatives with the $218,000 purchase of new MacBooks.

Pay increases to non-teaching staff and bonuses to certain 25-year teachers were also included in the budget increasing payroll costs an additional $90,625.

"This is a tight budget. The board didn't have to deliberate too long this year. We all agreed we needed to make these investments in transportation, personnel and technology," Thiebaud said.