The owner of an emaciated dog name "Roxy" now faces charges of animal cruelty.

Investigator Jeremy Woodruff with the Erath County Sheriff's Office said the investigation has ended, and he will file the case with County Attorney Lisa Pence after he receives the final medical reports.

"Upon receipt of the medical records, we will present the case to the county attorney's office for prosecution," Woodruff said Wednesday.

Woodruff said he would not release the owner's name or details about the investigation until the case is filed.

Roxy, a two-year-old Great Dane, was rescued by a passerby who saw her chained up in a back yard and brought her to Cornerstone Small Animal Hospital.

Roxy reportedly weighed only 50 pounds - half of her normal body weight - and had ant bites all over her body and wounds from a chain she was tethered to, according to Dr. Lauren Adams.

Five days later, Roxy died, sparking outrage locally and beyond.

Woodruff said the sheriff's office has received numerous calls about the case, one from as far away as California.

"People want to make sure something is being done about this," Woodruff said. "I have worked on lots of animal cruelty cases, and this is by far the worst I have ever seen."

Roxy's owner reportedly has other animals on his property which are reportedly in good condition, Woodruff said.