Don't be fooled by the amount of rain we received Tuesday - it's less than you probably think and much less than what was needed to lift the burn ban.

Tuesday's light thunderstorms officially brought .65 inches on Tuesday, bringing the total for the month to .85, according to local weather watcher Dr. Stuart Chilton.

"The average in August is 2.8 inches, so we are well below normal for the month," Chilton said. "We are probably a little over for the year, but not by much."

Erath County Volunteer Fire Rescue Chief Kenneth Howell said significant rain is needed before the county can lift the burn ban.

He also said things have been quiet at the fire station.

"Things have been pretty good," Howell said. "The public understands the (fire) threat and they are adhering to the rules."

There is a 20 percent chance of more thunderstorms on Friday, according to the National Weather Service.