New construction at Central Elementary will no doubt be a dominant feature in the campus landscape this school year. And Stephenville ISD has partnered with the Stephenville Police Department to meet the logistics of Central's traffic flow in order to keep the campus' student population at maximum security.

“All buses will enter Paddock from College Street. But parents will be allowed to drop off their children at the annex when they come down McNeil Street,” Stephenville ISD's Deborah Hummel explained.

The procedures for parents dropping off and picking up students from Central campus are as follows:

• Dropping off at the two story building:

Children will unload at the Paddock Street entry. Staff will be on duty at 7:20 a.m. to assist students.

It is suggested that parents seat their children so they exit from the back seat on the driver’s side.

Dropping off at the annex:

Children will unload at the annex circle drive entry. Staff will be on duty at 7:45 a.m. to open car doors and assist the students.

It is suggested that parents seat their children so they exit from the back seat on the passenger's side.

• Picking up at the two story building:

Classes will be dismissed at the Paddock Street entrance.

Cars departing from the Paddock Street entrance should move to the appropriate lane to turn onto Washington Street.

• Picking up at the annex:

Students will be dismissed at the annex circle drive entry. It is suggested students be able to enter the car from the passenger's side.

Parents are urged to remain in one line and not to park in the annex circle drive or on McNeil Street.

Buses will be running similarly to last year.

“The buses will be dropping off and picking up on Paddock. We will be barricading the street from College to Washington during the busiest times,” Hummel said.

At drop-off, the buses will proceed down College Street and make a right turn on Paddock Street where they will pull up to the west sidewalk. Students will exit the bus upon staff direction and will be followed by the staff member onto the sidewalk.

Only one bus will load or unload at a time.

At pick-up the buses will enter from College Street, making a right turn on Paddock. A staff member will lead the students to the bus and assist students in boarding the bus.

Police Chief Pat Bridges has been instrumental in designing a traffic pattern that provides optimal safety for students.

“There will continue to be pick up of some students on McNeil Street (behind the annex),” Bridges explained. “Baxter will still be a one way street. Paddock will continue to be one way during school hours. And the school buses will pretty much come in as they have in the past.”

“The concern is due to construction, the buses where students are let out and picked up will be on the street side rather than curb side,” Bridges said. “But the school district is staggering drop off and pick up times. So buses will pick up and drop off 20-30 minutes after parent pick up has come through.”

Parents will receive detailed instructions at Central's orientation. Parents of kindergarten students will meet Wednesday from 5:30-6:30 p.m. Bilingual kindergarten and pre-kindergarten will meet Thursday from 5-6 p.m.

Central principal Kelly Magin stresses the importance of being patient and following the prescribed route.

“This year we are going to have to be flexible and understanding to ensure our kids are safe; especially at first,” she said. “This is a new route for staff as well as parents. We need to be vigilant and adhere to the procedures.”