The tax free weekend is upon us, and parents and caretakers are preparing to send their broods back into the classroom. Being spared the additional expense of state and local sales tax can make for considerable savings, especially for families purchasing clothing and supplies for multiple children.

July Danley of the Stephenville Chamber of Commerce encourages people to increase shopping savings this weekend by making their purchases in Stephenville.

“The Chamber encourages everyone to consider the economic impact of where you choose to spend your dollars,” she said. “When you shop locally, you will not only save money on sales tax and on the gas it would take to drive out of town, you will also be supporting local businesses who provide jobs, donate to local charities and invest in your community.”

The tax free weekend begins Friday and will continue through Sunday. Most clothing, footwear, school supplies and backpacks under $100 will be exempt from shopping taxes.

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