The Dublin City Council has extended its ban on K-2 in an effort to curtail the use of synthetic marijuana products marketed as incense.

The council unanimously adopted the ordinance banning the sale and distribution of incense products with ingredients that include the plants Siberian Motherwort and Lion's Tail.

The Ordinance and Public Safety Committee recommended the ordinance immediately be passed.

Casey McNeal, a local mother of five, spurred the debate by urging the council to include products marketed as incense in the current K-2 ban. She told the city council in July that it is being smoked by dozens of locals, and said the side-effects are reaching the community.

State Representative Sid Miller (R-Stephenville) supported the ordinance and said the product was not banned by Texas law.

Only one convenience store reportedly sold the product, and the owner discontinued it after the remaining incense was sold.