A severely emaciated dog dubbed "Roxy" died Wednesday night at Cornerstone Animal Hospital - a place she had been for five days while veterinarians and staff worked to save her life.

Erath County Sheriff Tommy Bryant said Roxy's owner now faces charges of animal cruelty.

"The deputy investigating the case is working on a warrant for the owner's arrest," Bryant said Thursday.

Roxy, a two-year-old Great Dane, was rescued by one of the clinic's clients who found her chained up in a backyard. The client, whose identity has not been made public, reportedly stopped and confronted the owner and asked to take Roxy to the clinic for treatment, Bryant said.

Dr. Lauren Adams called it one of the worst cases of animal neglect she has ever seen.

Roxy reportedly weighed only 50 pounds - half of her normal body weight - and had ant bites all over her body and wounds from a chain she was tethered to.

Although Adams was hopeful Roxy could be saved, she took a turn for the worst on Wednesday. Veterinarians performed CPR on her for nearly two hours and even asked the Stephenville Fire Department to bring in a defibrillator, which Adams credits for "bringing her back for about 20 minutes."

"We did everything we could," Adams said. "But it was just too much for her."

As news about Roxy's plight spread, so did an outpouring of anger and generosity.

On the E-T's Facebook page, some called for Roxy's owner to be punished.

"That is so sad! Have they arrested whoever did this?" Mindy Hargrove asked.

Others donated to a fund that would have been used for Roxy's care.

Adams said the outpouring of love was "overwhelming."

"We received donations from Australia, Canada, Europe, all over the United States and Texas and from this community," Adams said.

The money will now be placed in a memorial fund and used to help save other neglected dogs.

It was a somber day at Cornerstone Animal Hospital on Thursday for staff who had become attached to Roxy.

Choking back tears, Adams said the one comfort they have is knowing Roxy was as comfortable as possible during her final days.

"The last few days of her life were spoiled," Adams said. "She knew nothing but love."