R.J. Wall is the sort of young man who sees a need and takes the steps to remedy the situation. It is a disposition likely the result of his becoming involved with Boy Scouts of America at a young age.

His introduction into BSA came when he joined as a Cub Scout while in the first grade. Now R.J. is achieving the highest rank possible in the organization by becoming an Eagle Scout.

One of the requirements to becoming an Eagle Scout is to complete various community service tasks, and R.J. has taken on a certain enterprise benefiting the city and its citizens who enjoy the river walk that meanders along the Bosque and areas of downtown Stephenville.

Question: What are the steps you have to take in order to become an Eagle Scout?

Answer: “You start out by becoming a Cub Scout, and then you become a Boy Scout. Once you become a Boy Scout, you go through your ranks (of BSA). You are working all the way up just to get to Eagle Scout. It allows you to get a better job in the future or an immediate raise in rank in the military.”

Question: You and three other young men are going to be marking the river walk trail so people can determine the distance they have covered. What else will you be doing in this project?

Answer: “We will be marking it in one tenth (of a mile) increments. And we will be getting it ready to be adopted out to local organizations. They will be responsible for certain increments. But we aren't just giving them one increment. There will be a block of them.

"We went to Granbury to see what they did because they have something like a river walk. But theirs is maintained by the city while ours is to be adopted by the community. Our river walk will give people opportunities for service hours.

"We are solely responsible for getting our materials, but we can rely upon donations from other people. And we don't require that much material.”

Question: What are your plans for the future?

Answer: “I plan to work for a year and see what field I work best in and to see what I can do in college.

"Being an Eagle Scout will make it easier to get a job. Most people look upon it as a good opportunity.”