The Bluff Dale Study and Garden Club hosted their annual Ice Cream Social the last Saturday in July.  The meeting was held in the Community Center.  One hundred forty people enjoyed a variety of homemade Ice creams.  There was a freezer of berry, vanilla, Heath bar, Butterfinger, and many other varieties of homemade Ice Cream.  There was also a variety of  Blue Bell, Braums and other Ice creams in case we ran out of homemade.  Many kinds of cakes, cookies and other sweets were available.  The Bluff Dale Baptist Church brought over their youth group after an evening of hot dogs.  What a great time was had by all.  Kim Speegle did an amazing job of hosting the event with her helpers Marygrace Youney, Katherine McDermott and Monica Taylor.  This is an event that the entire town looks forward to each year.  Thanks, Kim for your hard work to make this event such a success.