There is now another perk to being an upperclassman.

The Stephenville High School Student Council is selling reserved parking to seniors who can paint their piece of pavement to represent themselves and their interests. The new senior tradition is meant to foster school spirit and beautify the campus to reflect students' uniqueness.

The parking spaces will go on sale Monday, Aug. 27, and can only be painted on three designated days: Sept 1 and 2, and Oct. 6.

Organizers hope students will have fun with the new parking option and will award cash prizes to the top two parking spaces in a Most Spirited Spot contest.

Personalized reserved parking is only available to SHS seniors through a $50 donation to the student council. Participating seniors must sign a contract with SISD that outlines approved paint colors and several restrictions.

Artwork will represent everything from school activities and special SHS memories, to clubs and colleges. Seniors are free to be as creative as they wish, but all designs must be illustrated on the back of the parking contract and pre-approved by school officials.

As the seniors near graduation, they will be required to paint over their parking spot in solid black to give a clean slate to the upcoming senior class.