Rick Miller has been in Stephenville for a mere month, but already he has carved himself a new life with a new career as executive director of the Cross Timbers Pregnancy Care Center. Miller visited with the E-T and discussed the center and its pivotal role in the lives of many women and children during their time of need.

Question: When one thinks of a pregnancy crisis center, a male executive director doesn't immediately come to mind. How did you come into the position?

Answer: “Yes, isn't that interesting? I found out the job was open and applied for it. I didn't hear anything for about a month. Then I got a call one Saturday morning, and they were interested and wanted to do a phone interview with me. Then on Monday I came down (from Dallas) and interviewed with the whole board.

I didn't hear anything again for a while. But then they called me back and said they had prayed about it and decided I was the one, and they asked me to do it.”

Question: You, of course, maintain your clients’ anonymity, but can you give an overview of the young women who might be seeking assistance from the center? And do the young men get involved as well?

Answer: “It varies. We do have a lot of unmarried women or those who haven't gotten married yet. Some of them are college kids but I haven't seen many college kids come in because of only having been here this month.

But people come in and need the services. Some just want the pregnancy test.

And we do have some women who wish to put their baby up for adoption. We provide information about it to them and provide support for them. We work closely with the Gladney Center in Fort Worth.

I think when the men are invited they will come in for the most part. This seems to be from the outside typically a women's center or ministry. So the ladies often come by themselves. But we try to invite the guys with them. It is a partnership.”

Question: Many people are unaware of the vast resources and support you provide for women seeking assistance. You even have a clinic with a doctor and nurse at hand. What are the services you provide?

Answer: “All the services we provide are at no cost. In addition to the pregnancy tests we conduct ultrasounds.

We do a lot of training. We have one-on-one counseling with the ladies. And we have classes. We teach finance and family and parenting.

We offer support services after the pregnancy as well. For instance, we have a baby boutique. The women and men, after they go through our classes, earn ‘baby bucks.’ And they can use them to purchase diapers and baby food. We receive a lot of clothing donations from the community. And they can come in and get clothing for the children or for themselves.

We are here for everyone. We are a faith based Christian organization. And it is a long-term relationship. Even after the pregnancy, the women continue to call back to check in. They'll send us pictures and updates on the children. And if they need more services from us, we are still here for them.”