What is the anticipation like for a coach at the start of a new year?

Iím excited, ready and recharged. Itís always exciting because weíre full of enthusiasm and expectations for the new year, and the kids are, too.

How many are you expecting out monday?

We have about 40 freshmen on the roll, so thatís a large class coming in. We will have at least 24 to 30 upperclassmen, so potentially up to 70 total.

Whatís the practice schedule like for the first week?

We canít go more than three consecutive hours, so weíll start out going from 8-11 (a.m.) and then 1-3 (p.m.).

What are the advantages of having so many seniors and letter winners returning?

The experience, obviously, and the leadership that they bring. Itís been quite a few years since Iíve had this many seniors, and a lot of them are three-year lettermen so thatís another key.

How does having so much experience on the varsity funnel down to the other levels of the program?

We have two seniors coming out with the varsity - Morgan Croslin and Hailey Morales - so that gives us eight seniors. The others coming back are Tiara Green and Chrislyn Wells, so weíre pretty set there. Weíll go from there as far as pulling anyone else up, but Iím not making that decision this early. Our JV has the chance to be very strong, which is what you want when you have eight seniors.

How much are you looking forward to Kristin Kaiserís return after she suffered a season-ending knee injury last year?

Iím really excited for her. There are a lot of expectations because of her talent and playing ability. I missed her. Not to take anything away from the other kids, but Kristin contributes a lot. Having her back will be exciting.

What are your thoughts on the new District 7-3A?

Itís a small district, and we should compete well. Weíll have a big target on our back, so we canít have those off games where we go in thinking weíre the big dogs dropping from 4A. Itís hard to know what the expectations among the other teams will be because there have been a few coaching changes.

What must the Bees do to have the long playoff run so many are anticipating?

We have to keep our intensity and not get flat. Itís easy to start a season with intensity, but you have to keep producing that 30 games later. And we have to stay healthy and take care of those little things that can make or break you.

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