I wanted to thank the newspaper for its continuous support. We would not have the momentum or attendance without the help from the widely read paper. The paper reaches nooks and crannies that we could never touch and we are sincerely grateful for your support.

The market is in its second year and half way through this season. We have had a great variety of produce thus far and expect for it to continue. The local artist at the market are truly gifted individuals. They have taken recycled materials and made them into works of art. We have an artist that makes lamp work beads that are amazing. We have produce coming from Comanche, Comyn, Proctor, Dublin, Carlton, Early, and surrounding Stephenville area. The market supported a local asparagus grower early in the season and the public and fellow vendors were blessed to have fresh, succulent asparagus in March and April. We have had wonderfully juicy plums, nectarines, strawberries, blackberries, and apricots from local growers. The fresh vegetables to date include onions, beets, herbs, 8-ball squash, squash varieties too numerous to mention, turnips, green beans, peanuts, peppers and potatoes.

The grower’s market was established to support the local farmer and artist. We hope to keep money in the community and bless the hard work of neighbors and provide an outlet for them to sell their surplus to the community. We are also seeking to introduce fresh back in to the lives of our friends and family. We are stressing the importance of healthy, local produce that has somehow lost its appeal in our busy stressful lives.

We invite you to make a leisurely drive to Stephenville Historical Museum this Saturday. We are open from 8 a.m.– noon.


Annette Caldwell