Texas House District 59 needs a new state representative. While the 29 mostly rural school districts of House District 59 were losing $500 per pupil, Sid Miller was busy House Bill 33 to benefit his own family business. particular, Sid Miller was trying to increase the number of charter schools in the state, protect their funding, and shift public funds to private schools. House Bill 33 which, if passed, would have also created the broadest voucher program in the country. Fortunately for Texas, Miller’s bill was left pending in committee because the Legislative Budget Board’s fiscal note showed HB 33 would cost the state $195 million in 2012-13. 

Extremists like Sid Miller also wanted to eliminate Education Service Centers (“ESCs”) in 2011 and are preparing to do the same in 2013. A recent study, "Consolidated Report on Texas Education Service Centers" examined whether cost efficiencies provided Texas’ 20 regional ESCs and found that ESC products and services were generally priced lower than alternate providers creating savings for our schools.  Nevertheless, wrespected Republicans such as Senator Robert Duncan (R-Lubbock) argued that ESCs are vital to assisting school districts, Miller helped our ESCs’ budgets by nearly 40%.

Miller is now engaged in statewide campaign to undermine retirement futures for teachers, firefighters, police officers, judges and other state and local government workers. Teacher Retirement System of Texas (“TRS”) and Employees Retirement System of Texas (“ERS”) are sound pension funds. Both provide a good value to taxpayers. Extremists want to tear down ERS and TRS even though both are regarded as among the best operated programs in the United States.

Miller’s crusade against public education and local governments needs to end now. Texas must to ensure all school districts get equitable funding, including those in rural areas. We need to fund our ESCs because they benefit our schools and our kids. And, we need to protect our state’s successful pension funds like ERS and TRS. Dr. J.D. Sheffield has the mental depth to admit we have a problem and the strength of character to look for solutions. Stand up for our public schools in the Republican Primary and elect J.D. Sheffield. Your informed vote is a powerful tool. Please use it in the Republican Primary Election.

Respectfully yours,

Blake G. Powell

Advocate for Texas Public Schools