I was surprised at Mr. Biglin's recent letter levying accusations against Representative Sid Miller. His charges had no facts to substantiate his claims and thus it was only his opinion. Well, let's look at some facts:

 Mr. Biglin charges Sid with receiving over $1 million in finance contributions from special interests. He fails to mention that these "special interests" are organizations that support conservative interests important to the citizens of this district. Groups like the Texas Farm Bureau, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, Texans for Lawsuit Reform, Texas Right to Life, and the NRA just to name a few. I'm glad conservative groups see Sid as an ally in the fight to preserve our conservative values.

But Mr. Biglin's complaints are really self-serving. His major objection with Sid is due to an injection well near his property. He tried to halt the well and stated "There was enough evidence for me to know how poorly the injection well was drilled." However, when he challenged the well before the Railroad Commission, the Commission found no evidence of sufficient weight to prevent his neighbor from disposing, on his own property, the waste water produced from a well on his own property. The Commission ruled against Mr. Biglin. He asked Rep. Miller to intervene to delay the ruling. Without any new justification presented to warrant such a delay, he declined to inject himself into the preceding.

Mr. Biglin stated, "I also asked Sid Miller to move forward to change the Railroad commission's rule on public notifications for intent to drill an injection well." He insinuates that Sid did not do this. In fact, just in the last session, Rep. Miller rewrote the disposal well notification laws and submitted HB 847. Perhaps Mr. Biglin should realize that the bill failed to become law because the Senate failed to take action on it. In fact, Rep. Miller has passed this bill four times and the Senate has failed to pass it each time.   

With all "due" respect to Mr. Biglin, he sounds like sour grapes.  He had his day before the Commission and failed to present a case sufficiently sound to warrant a ruling against a neighbor's property rights. When he could not win, he has become vindictive.  

I'm proud to support a representative who recognizes those property rights and fights for the conservative values we all hold dear.  I encourage you to vote for Sid Miller.

Carroll Cawyer