This election cycle with Sid Miller is over the top. Sid Miller is the worst representative I have ever seen. He does not represent the whole district.

His record, if you can find one, is deplorable. Sid Miller only takes care of his buddies, political cronies, and all the special interests that buy him out with campaign finance. Sid Miller floods the district with red signs, wrongly thinking that it helps him. Any smart thinking voter will only see the red flag telling them to beware and to vote against him.

Sid Miller is weak on our most critical issue of water. He is bought out by special interests campaign finance moneys from industries like oil and gas. He supports the railroad commission against ordinary people in the district.

Sid Miller will fight like a junkyard dog to keep his seat. He will do this because he has an addiction worse than drugs, that addiction is money and power. During his term in office he has taken over a million dollars in special interest moneys. Food for thought, that amount is only what he has to legally report. No intelligent voter thinks we can get help or a fair deal when he works so hard for special interest money!

I was fighting an injection well near my ranch; I was also fighting the railroad commission. The oil and gas industry spends millions in campaign finance, some for the election of commissioners

Following Railroad Commission rules and regulations, I proved the injection well was drilled incorrectly according to R.R. commission rules. The Railroad commission did not like someone coming in and challenging them. There was enough evidence for me to know how poorly the injection well was drilled, that there was a very good chance that the cementing was also not done correctly. Cementing is absolutely the key to protecting our precious ground water. I had the advise of a petroleum engineer with over 50 year of boots on the ground in the oil patch.

The Railroad commission after all this information and proof was about to rule against me. So I called Sid Miller and asked that he intervene on my behalf (he was allowed to do so), to put a hold on the railroad commission ruling temporally. Needless to say Sid Miller did not help me.

I also asked Sid Miller to move forward to change the Railroad commissionís rule on public notifications for intent to drill an injection well. On the well I was fighting, the public notification was made in the Fort Worth newspaper to try to hide a possible new injection well from the citizens of Erath county.

So how can we elect a man who is more concerned about special interest moneys than the citizens of this district?

The answer is we cannot stand Sid Miller any longer.

Wes Biglin