I would like to take this opportunity to talk about County Commissioner Joe Brown, Pct. 3.

I have had the privilege of knowing Joe for more than 25 years. He is a trusted friend to me and my family. He is the friend you can call 24/7 and have your call answered with," How can I help you?"

Joe and I both volunteered with 4-H shooting sports as well as other charities. Long before Joe was county commissioner, he was devoting his time, talent and money to Erath County. He has spent countless hours as a volunteer fireman and with other non-profit organizations that help his neighbors. Joe served on the Child Welfare Board when I was president. He is concerned about residents of all ages.

If you live in Precinct 3, you know firsthand how his work as commissioner has benefited your area. He is the type of commissioner who will answer your calls whether you have a request or complaint. If you do not know Joe, I hope you will take the time to talk to him before you cast your vote. Once you meet him fact to face, I believe you will agree with me.

Joe Brown is a good Christian man, dedicated to his family, friends, the residents of Precinct 3 and all Erath County residents.

Donnie Hensley

Retired law enforcement officer