Almost three weeks after an alleged assault occurred at Melody Mountain Ranch, the investigation into the incident has been reopened.

A medical helicopter transported Addison Hunter, 17, son of former Mayor Nancy Hunter, from the scene of Larry Joe Taylor's Texas Music Festival on Saturday, April 28, two days prior to the opening of early voting in the mayor's race. He was allegedly assaulted by another festival attendee, whose identity has not yet been confirmed by law enforcement officials.

Sources say the alleged attacker is a 2011 graduate of Stephenville High School.

While Sheriff Tommy Bryant said the victim and his family originally decided against filing charges, officials were notified Tuesday they have changed their minds.

"We have been informed that the victim does wish to pursue charges at this time," Chief Investigator Jason Upshaw said Wednesday.

He said interviews with several witnesses and the victim are expected to take place over the next few days.

While felony charges could be filed, the degree of the offense has not been determined.

"There are so many factors that go into determining the degree of offense," Upshaw said. "Before that is decided we need to first speak with the witnesses and victim."

He said it is unclear if alcohol was a factor in the incident or if a weapon was used.

What is known is that Nancy Hunter was a paid festival employee, and she had reportedly arranged for her son to also work the festival, which had an estimated 50,000 attendees.

Addison Hunter was reportedly flown to a Fort Worth hospital a second time when further complications related to the assault arose a week after the incident. He reportedly underwent reconstructive surgery due to severe injuries to his face.

"We understand he is in pretty bad shape," Upshaw said.

Calls to Nancy Hunter Wednesday morning for comment were not immediately returned.

Hunter served her last day at the helm of the city council Tuesday, the same day law enforcement officials were informed the family wished to pursue charges.