No, I wasn't the one who defaced Nancy Hunter's signs. Whoever did should be ashamed of themselves.

Yes, someone left a skunk on my car. Another guy flipped me the bird.

Aside from that, the only negative comments I received while peacefully picketing the courthouse square in protest of her re-election was a little boy screaming out the window that if I wasn't getting paid for this I shouldn't be doing it.

Son, I got paid in ways that are far greater than money - the satisfaction of knowing the people still have the power.

It was not I who got Nancy Hunter out of office; it was the people of Stephenville. I'm proud to be part of the people.

We want things like lower taxes created by leadership who are focused on efficiently running the city. Efficiency is where you do more with less by being smart enough to come up with an idea that will do so.

We want fairness. I picketed because I was not treated fairly. Everyone in this town should get a fair shot.

We want honesty, decency and transparency, not slimy deals behind closed doors. A leader doing a good job doesn't need to hide what he or she is doing.

I have high hopes for Kenny Weldon. He seems to be a real good guy. I know his mother and the values with which she raised him.

I hope he remembers it is the people who made him mayor.

Andrew Quirl