Congratulations to the political action committee of Vote For SISD Bond for a well-run, organized, orchestrated and financed campaign. Although I was mostly on the other side of the fence, I believe in giving credit where credit is due.

Somewhat of an amusing thing happened during the campaign as my neighbor who is a very good friend was supporting the bond along with a certain school board candidate. I asked him to get the candidate he was supporting to put a sign in my yard. When this was done, a For Vote sign for the bond was also placed along with it. That was about the time my letter to the editor to oppose the bond came out, which made it appear I was like the Washington politicians being for something while voting against it. In the spirit of good will and respect for my friends who were for it, I decided to leave the sign up.

I hope the school board and administrators will not take the passage of the bond as a mandate to continue with other large bonds, especially until the economy improves. I certainly agree with one of the letters written in favor of its passage, as it takes good schools to attract new business and industry to move to this community. I think it all comes down to a balancing act of having good schools while not having higher taxes that would price Stephenville out of the market for attracting new business, industry and private citizens to move here.

Also to do a better job of managing property where facilities does not get in such disrepair, by taking care of repairs when needed including preventive maintenance.

But whether you were for or against the bond passage, that is water under the bridge and we need to move on trying to make this a better and more prosperous community in which to live.

Glen Moody