I have nothing bad to say about any of the candidates for commissioner Pct. 1. I do think we need to go by the old saying, “If it isn’t broke don’t fix it;” or in this case, don’t change it. Jim Pack has done an A+ job as commissioner. Most people think of roads and bridges when they think of a commissioner. This is only a small part of his job. The duties and responsibilities of this office are as follows:

Set the yearly property tax rate and approve the budget and employment level for the county; Jim Pack voted no to raising the tax rate.

Set commissioners and justice of the peace precinct boundaries.

Call, conduct and certify elections, including bond elections.

Set employment and benefit policy.

Establish long-range thoroughfare, open space, land use, financial and law enforcement/jail needs plans.

Acquire property for rights-of-way or other uses determined to be in the public’s best interest.

Review and approve subdivision platting and wastewater treatment for rural areas.

Provide rural ambulance services and subsidize rural fire protection.

Oversee the construction, maintenance and improvement of county roads and bridges.

Appoint non-elected department heads and standing committees.

Supervise and control the county courthouse, county buildings and facilities.

Adopt a county budget.

Determine county tax rates.

Fill vacancies in elective and appointive positions.

And has the authority to authorize contracts in the name of the county.

Jim Pack is retired from the U.S. Navy with over 35 years of service, and he has a master’s degree from Texas A&M University. He has over 30 years of service both in the public and private sector, developing and managing multimillion dollar budgets. He has experience supervising 30+ employees at one time, and he has experience in construction and management of multimillion dollar building projects, including parking lots and roads.

Jim Pack has been a dedicated conservative in all of his duties. He has worked hard to be sure all of the county and its employee’s needs have been met while he has seen to it the finances of the county are in good shape.

It is important you go to the poles and vote. Please cast your vote for Jim Pack.

Sarah Miller?