Dublin-area resident Suzann Thompson celebrates the release of her new book, Crochet Garden: Bunches of Flowers, Leaves, and Other Delights, with a book-signing party at 2:00 p.m., Saturday, May 19, 2012, at The Literary Lion bookstore, 160 East Washington Street, in Stephenville, TX.   Suzann will show samples of the crocheted flowers in her book, as well as demonstrate some unusual crochet techniques. Crocheters and other crafty people are invited to bring a project to show or work on.

Suzann is a native of Texas and has loved flowers and crochet since her childhood.  She combined these interests in her first book, Crochet Bouquet: Easy Designs for Dozens of Flowers, published in 2008 by Lark Books.  Crochet Garden builds on the success of her first book, with all new flower patterns.  She’s especially proud of her crocheted Mexican Hat flower, which looks very like the wild Mexican Hats blooming along Texas highways at this time of year.

To design a crocheted flower, Suzann studies real flower or photos.  She tries to get a feel for the essential elements of the flower.  “You have to summarize the features of the flower,” she says, “because if you try to crochet every detail, your flower ends up being the size of a dinner plate.”  Then she sits down with her crochet hook and some yarn, and experiments with stitches until she is satisfied with the look of the design.

Though she didn't grow up in Dublin, Suzann has deep roots in the area. Her father, Alan Thompson, was born in Dr. Guy's clinic in Dublin.  Her great-great-grandfathers Campbell and Dunlap were among the founders of Comanche County.   Suzann and her family live in the Roch Community near Proctor, and her two daughters attend Dublin public schools.

To read more about Suzann's work and find some free crocheted flower patterns, please visit http://www.textilefusion.com/bookblog