As he promised Wednesday, Andrew Quirl hit downtown Stephenville bright and early Saturday.

The 34-year-old city resident and former owner of Uncle Hoovers Southern Dining stood mere feet from City Hall and the required 100 feet from the Erath County Courthouse where last minute voters turned out to weigh in on city and school elections.

About 30 minutes after polls opened, Quirl rooted himself in the Downtown Plaza outfitted with a simple and waterproof message, "Don't Vote 4 Nancy," referring to Mayor Nancy Hunter.

After a late afternoon break, he opted to throw out his handmade sign for a new one - an official Kenny Weldon campaign sign.

Quirl's gripe with the two-term mayor related to a rezoning request that she and the majority of the council voted down in 2008. The zoning change would have allowed him to serve alcohol to patrons of Uncle Hoovers, but the business closed mere months after it was denied.

While many passersby en route to commencement exercises at Tarleon State University might have been puzzled by the message, Quirl said expressing his freedom of speech received several nods from city residents.

"It's been a great day," Quirl said Saturday. "I have received a lot of support."