Kenny Weldon, a retired Air Force colonel, stole the seat of Mayor Nancy Hunter in a landslide victory Saturday.

Weldon received 68.66 percent of the 2,077 votes cast in the race.

Following the announcement that he would take the seat at the helm of the Stephenville City Council, Weldon praised voter turnout.

"I first want to thank everyone for turning out to vote and exercising their right to vote. That's what makes this country so special," Weldon said, also thanking those who assisted with his campaign. "The group really came together as a team."

Speaking to voters, Weldon said he was humbled.

"I am excited about the opportunity that was presented to me," he said. "I realize it is a privilege and I am humbled by the turnout and understand I am ready to go to work for the community. I will work as hard as I can to earn everyone's trust and keep that trust."

Hunter, who has served two terms as mayor, vowed to continue to serve the city.

"I want to thank everyone that came out to vote," Hunter said. "The turnout is a great testament to community involvement. Stephenville is a wonderful place to live, work and raise a family. I continue to be proud to call Stephenville my home. Despite the many opportunities to do otherwise I am proud that my team of supporters ran a fair and honest campaign. Thank you to all my supporters and volunteers for their tireless efforts. I look forward to continuing my service working for and with the city of Stephenville."

Incumbent Scott Evans retained his seat in another landslide victory.

Evans garnered 67.65 percent of the vote over challenger Mary Beach McGuire.

Evans thanked McGuire for her continued interest in serving the city, and said he will remain focused on issues that have been at the center of his political career, including pay for city employees and the future construction of a civic center.

Incumbents Malcolm Cross, Russ McDanel and Alan Nix ran uncontested.