Brianna "Bri" Chavez was trying to prove a point when she entered the Empire-Tribune's Mother-Daughter Look-Alike contest.

The 16-year-old daughter and middle child of Brenda Magana, 34, has heard the same words since she can remember - “Are you sisters?”

And the quick-witted Stephenville High School sophomore regularly returns the remark with a flash of a furrowed brow.

Brenda said she "had to laugh" when Bri told her she was going to enter the duo into the contest. It brought to mind a recent occasion when a comment about their sisterly resemblance led Bri to tweet a response to her followers, letting them know she could in no way resemble a mother in her mid-30s.

"Bri hates nothing more than being asked if we're sisters," Brenda laughed. "But nothing has ever messed her up more than the guy working the drive-thru who asked if we're twins."

Those words are repeated almost every weekend as Bri mans the counter at the family business, Habanero Mexican Cocina, and resounds every time the women are in public.

With that thought in mind, Bri decided she would finally prove the resemblance is not all it's made out to be.

She was wrong.

A total of 14 entries were submitted in the contest with several showing uncanny resemblances between mother and daughter, leaving E-T staffers to contemplate the decision before selecting the winner.

Like the process of selecting the final winner, Brenda said life as a mother has not always been easy. For most of their lives, Brenda has been the sole caretaker for her brood, which includes Alex, 18, a freshman at Tarleton, and Vida, 3.

"I was 15 when I had Alex, which is something I don't recommend for anyone," Brenda said. "But I was blessed, I have awesome kids. They make parenting easy. Otherwise, I would probably be in the crazy house."

And being a young mother has its advantages.

"I am so close to my two older kids, I am like three people rolled into one - a friend plus mom and dad," Brenda said, recalling a recent Facebook post from Bri.

"Even though we bump heads and get mad at each other, at the end of the day you're my mom," the post dated April 30 reads. "And I have been blessed beyond words. You have given me everything I've needed. I love you and thank you."

• The family will celebrate their genetics today with a prize package that includes admission for four to the Agave Grill Mother's Day brunch, sweet smelling creations from Scott's Flowers and a one-hour photo shoot courtesy of Plan-it ink Photography.

You can see all of the entries online at - select media and click on photos.