Here we go again!

Per todayís (May 10) headline article another previously convicted felon has sexually assaulted one of our children. The details of why he isnít in jail are not very clear, but it looks like he was convicted of trying to strangle someone.

Now he comes here, charged with violating†a child.

Heís in jail, but, with a track record of multiple cases of violence, heís being held on a $50k bond, which means itís entirely possible someone could post bond on him and heíd be out and about in Stephenville looking for more kids to ruin. Before sunset. Today.

The questions are obvious. Why wasn't this dirtball in jail in the first place, for at least as long as the potheads and meth dealers? And, given the facts, why isn't he being held without bond?

And finally, why does this keep happening?

Richard Comerford