The old Lone Oak Church nestled in a grove of oak trees has been forgotten and overlooked by most Erath County residents.

But to some, the place means the world.

Constructed before the turn of the 20th century, the structure was used as both a school and a church, but has sat empty for years.

"To many of us, Lone Oak was the site of an exciting beginning. The school gave us a good start and will always be part of us, as (many) memories testify," the late Mary Joe Fitzgerald Clendenin wrote in an historical account of the structure.

Today it is used for the biannual Lone Oak Homecoming Reunion and other small community gatherings.

Dan Stanford, whose family has long maintained the old church and surrounding grounds, is organizing this year's reunion and is calling on anyone with connections to the place to attend.

As time goes by, many oldtimers who actually attended school or church there have passed away, and subsequently the event has suffered a decline in attendance.

"The Lone Oak school and church building played such an important role in the early 1900s for so many Erath County residents," Stanford said. "Today the reunion is about connecting the Lone Oak community together and uniting old classmates and churchgoers."

The Lone Oak Reunion will begin at 11 a.m. June 10 at the old church and school house located on County Road 279, less than a mile off U.S. Highway 377 South. The event coincides with the Dublin Area Reunion and the birthday celebration of Dublin Bottling Works. Attendees are asked to bring a chair and covered dish.

For more information, call Stanford at 968-6558.