Kay Hayes and other local florists are bracing for a busier-than-normal Mother's Day as more residents open their wallets for mom as confidence in the economy continues to grow.

"The way it's looking now, gifting for moms will be better this year than it has been the last two years," said Hayes, a third-generation manager of Stephenville Floral. "Our average is $40 to $50 per mom, though some spend more."

Although Stephenville residents will likely spend much less than the $152.52 per mom predicted by the National Retail Federation in a recent survey, local flower shops and other retailers expect more gifts to be given over the weekend.

Mother's Day gift giving has evolved over the years.

"Use to, every mother would get a corsage for Mother's Day. If your mother was alive, she would wear a red or pink corsage and relatives wear a white corsage in honor of their mother who had passed," Hayes explained. "Today we normally sell arrangements for most mothers."

Picking out the perfect bouquet is becoming a thing of the past as many customers prefer conveniences to a personal touch

"A lot of our business is phone orders, about 75 percent, in fact," Hayes said. "And a lot of orders are made online. That's something that has picked up over the last several years."

No matter how the gift is given, Mother's Day gifts are given from the heart.

"Mother's Day is such a special time for so many people besides moms," Hayes said. "Each year, it's an opportunity for you to simply tell mom how much you love her and for your mom to take time to stop and smell the roses."