Pat and I moved to Stephenville in the summer of 1966 after I accepted a faculty position at Tarleton. Stephenville was a much smaller city then and Tarleton was still in the transition from junior college to a senior college. We take great pride in the opportunity that we have to participate in many transitions in and around Stephenville since that time.

Since the transition to a senior college status Tarleton has grown and developed into a university of about 10,000 students with degree opportunities through the PhD in some areas. The campus has been transformed into a beautiful up-to-date facility. These transitions reflect the priorities of the leadership in the community and of the TAMUS Board of Regents.

Towns such as Stephenville acquire various reputations that reflect the priorities of the people that live there. We like to consider ourselves the "City of Champions," and rightfully so. This concept reflects our priorities to be the best at what we do, and that does not only apply to sports but to many other endeavors.

As a community we now have an opportunity to show our priority is for our public education system and to invest in a very important future resources, our children. Some of our facilities have already been replaced with new, up-to-date buildings. However, we are still using a building that is over sixty years old (Chamberlin) and one that is over seventy years old (Central) that no longer meets requirements for safety, access for the handicapped, state standards for classroom size, etc. The board has presented an excellent plan to resolve these problems. The passage of the issue, which would result in a tax rate still lower than it was a few years ago, will reflect the priority we have for the education of our children. Please join Pat and me and vote "yes" on May 12th.

Thank you,

Bob Fain