The Stephenville High School Choirs competed in the Region 7 UIL Concert/Sight-Reading competition April 10-11 at Granbury High School. The contest consisted of a three-day event where a panel of judges evaluates the level of artistic singing in performance, and another panel of judges asses the music-reading skills of each choir. The judging panels were very tough this year as evident by the scores multiple schools received (3s – 5s). SHS took four choirs, as many as other high schools with much larger enrollments and choral programs. Director, John Tucker, stated, “The students worked very hard to prepare for this UIL event and the results speak for themselves.

In reviewing past UIL results, this year marked the highest scores with the most choirs, in at least the past 13 years. All four of the choirs received “Superior” ratings in the music reading portion of the contest. Very few choral music programs across the state of Texas can claim this accomplishment of 100% success in sight-reading. In addition, two of the choirs also received “Superior” ratings for their stage performance evaluations. This qualified them for a “Sweepstakes” trophy. The other two choirs received 2s on stage, which signifies a strong performance with a few mistakes.

Here are the results:

Non-Varsity Treble: Stage 2, Sight-Reading 1 (Superior)

Varsity Tenor/Bass: Stage 2, Sight-Reading 1 (Superior)

Varsity Treble: Stage 1, Sight-Reading 1 (Sweepstakes)

Varsity Mixed: Stage 1, Sight-Reading 1 (Sweepstakes)