During the Dublin Chamber of Commerce's board of directors meeting last week, Nancy Wooldridge announced her upcoming resignation as executive director, the chamber's only paid employee.

"I never use the word resign," Wooldridge said. "I'm stepping down, not stepping out."

She will hold the job until June 30, giving the board time to hire a suitable replacement, and will then serve on the board of directors, filling a vacancy left by Jill Moore.

"It's bittersweet. I will be on the board and continue working many hours, but in a much smaller capacity," Wooldridge said.

Wooldridge has much to be proud of as she reflects on her last 14 months promoting Dublin in the chamber's top position.

Chamber membership has grown by 15 percent during her tenure and she organized the largest St. Patrick's Day Festival in recent history.

"We've done a good job of getting Dublin's name out there. I feel so good about that," Wooldridge said. "The St. Patrick's Day Festival nearly doubled in size, the parade was three times larger than it had ever been and our membership has steadily grown."

The decision to re-enter retirement was a personal one.

"I love Dublin with all my heart, but I love my husband even more," Wooldridge said.

Cliff and Nancy Wooldridge will celebrate their 45th anniversary June 9 and will begin traveling. The couple already has trips to California, South Carolina and Canada planned.

Wooldridge left retirement after 10 years to become the chamber's assistant director in 2010 under director Karen Wright. She has served as executive director for 14 months after being promoted in March 2011.

While board members identify qualified candidates, Wooldridge will stay busy organizing upcoming events.

"Believe it or not, we are already organizing next year's St. Patrick's Day Festival," Wooldridge said. "That's what made this year's St. Pat's so successful. I don't want to lose any of that. We will get someone in here who can continue building on the forward momentum going through Dublin."