Stephenville Christian school was established nearly 20 years ago.

Many of the families of SCS sacrifice to send their children to the private, tuition based school, with fees exceeding $400 per month, but any of them will tell you it is a worthwhile investment.

SCS provides a structured, disciplined environment where students pre-k3 through 6th grade can maximize their God-given abilities under the guidance of professional educators.

Rinda Stewart instructs third and fourth grade students in a combined classroom and is the longest serving teacher at the school.

1. What inspired you to become a teacher?

"When I was a little girl, I always saw school as a good, safe place. Before I even decided I wanted to become a teacher, I always played school. I obtained my degree in 1983 and got married the same year. I substituted for 16 years, until my children got to high school. My whole world had been wrapped around my children, and suddenly I needed a full-time job. I've been teaching third and fourth grade at Stephenville Christian School for eight years."

2. What makes SCS different from traditional public schools?

"We don't take TAKS or STARR, so we're not always preparing for the tests like public schools. Our school is small and made up of different denominations, and we are a community of believers raising up Christian leaders. We hold Bible class and are free to share our faith and incorporate it into teaching through a Christian world view. Since I have been teaching, I have had eight students receive Christ as their savior in my classroom."

3. What are some of the unique things you like to share with your class?

"On Wednesday, my class will host an annual Mother's Day Tea when we invite mothers and grandmothers to dress up and join us for a light luncheon. Students will prepare food and entertain our guests. We will say pledges to the American, Christian and Texas flag, and students will share what they have learned. I started the tea with my class seven years ago, and our families really look forward to it and so do the mothers. We do a lot of different things like a Valentine's box contest and Seder meal at Easter. I try to offer a rich learning environment. When students are older, I want them to still be talking about Mrs. Stewart's class."