For everyone in Stephenville… please get out and vote for the bond to help the children and teachers of our community. My nephew will be in kindergarten in another year and my sister teaches at Central. The conditions of the campus and the added responsibility on our teachers is crazy.

Did you know that the Central campus had to be grandfathered in because it doesn’t meet ADA standards for children that are handicapped?

Did you know that the old building up front is deemed unrepairable? It is in such bad shape that the repairs alone would exceed the budget allowed for maintenance. Teachers in that building have to worry about water damage every time it rains. Did you know that in the spring termites fall from the ceiling in the old building? Teachers have to teach in rooms that are too small to have adequate furniture for all of the students. All class rooms are at a max number so there can’t be any growth in our community because there is no room to put them. They currently use portable buildings for classrooms and those have been there for years!

Another condition you should be concerned about is that our teachers have to dismiss in three different locations. All of which are on roads. There is a pick up road that runs through the middle of the campus so during the pre-k pickup and drop off at noon students that are transitioning to lunch or gym have to cross active lanes of traffic! Not to mention they have to go through the rain, snow, heat, etc.. to get to other parts of the building.

Technology is extremely limited because our rooms are only able to have one teacher computer in a classroom. Wiring is impossible in the old building for anything else.

Most importantly our teachers have to worry all the time about intruders. Unfortunately in this day and age there are numerous custody issues with students. Our buildings are not secure and could be entered from many locations. It is a huge burden that our teachers have to worry about that could be alleviated.

Please help and vote for the bond. This is so much for our teachers to worry about when all they want to do is teach the children to reach their potential in school and hopefully give them the very best start to a successful life.

Tonna Cowan