The credentials of our mayoral candidate, Kenny Weldon, are most impressive. Kenny has an undergraduate degree in civil engineering and holds two master’s degrees – one in engineering and environmental management and the other in national strategic security. Kenny Weldon is a mayoral candidate prepared to lead this community to a better tomorrow. Kenny’s 30 years of experience in extensive leadership has prepared him in areas that impact city government which include community planning, fire and emergency services, law enforcement, youth and recreation programs, housing, environment, construction and energy.

I have known Kenny Weldon since 1973, and the young man I watched excel while growing up in Stephenville has continued his outstanding achievements while serving our country. 

I have kept up with his honorable and stellar accomplishments through his family all these years. After serving our country, Kenny has now come back to his hometown to serve Stephenville. A call to serve others is truly a gift and a rare quality in today’s society. The combination of leadership and experience that Kenny brings back to Stephenville makes Kenny Weldon the best candidate for mayor of Stephenville.

Yours truly,

Marion Cole